About Us

Irina is a home-grown women’s ready-to-wear collection designed to add a touch of glamour and elegance to your wardrobe at affordable prices. Our collections are carefully curated with an eye for aesthetics and comfort.

We have our exclusive collection of a range of apparels to suit your fashion style and preferences. If you are seeking some styling inspirations look no further – We have a range of outfit solutions for every occasion and every season. Designed to be cherished, every item from Irina is guaranteed to make a positive and feel-good feeling.

Our Core Team

CEO & MD - Aji Elias Cherian

Aji Elias Cherian is a seasoned management professional with years of experience to his credit. After getting his management degree from Christ College, Bangalore, he started his career in the Middle East where he worked for 10 years in sales and marketing of garments. After gaining valuable experience from there, he returned back to his roots in India. Here he was successful in distributing, leading menswear brands. Branching out from there he is now instrumental in launching and building of womenswear brands. His immense experience of over 26 years has stood him in good stead for creating his success story.

Executive Director and GM Operations - Prajith P Nair

A post-graduate in management from Bharathiyar University, Prajith P Nair is a versatile professional. In a career spanning over 20 years, he has donned many hats. He has garnered experience in sales marketing, branding and operations for leading brands. His stint with many companies both in India and the Middle East has helped him a lot in adding to his experience.

Executive Director – Product Development – Jijimol Dennis

Jijimol Dennis is a successful entrepreneur with 8 years of experience in software trading. With a PG degree in commerce from Calicut University and MBA from Anna University, she has created a name for herself with her experience and is now running her own boutique. 

Sales Head – Sacheendran E

An MBA from PTU, Sacheendran E has vast experience in the sales field. Out of 16 years, he has worked, 13 years were in textile sales and marketing. In India and the Middle East, he has associated with leading womenswear brands and has immense trade experience to know the pulse of the clientele in this field.